TKO Punching Bag Reviews

The major martial arts accessory brands like Everlast and Century make some great punching bags that we recommend. But just because they are the biggest brands doesn’t mean that there aren’t other good options to consider. Below we review some of the top TKO punching bags. TKO may not be the best known punching bag manufacturer, but they still produce some good quality bags you should consider.

TKO Bag (502VMT)

Bottom line: If you are looking for a bag for Muay Thai training then TKO 502VMT is a very good bag to consider. It is well-made and durable and feels great to hit with kicks.

TKO Heavy BagTKO 502VMT: If you are looking for a good Muay Thai bag then you should definitely consider the 502VMT. Like most Muay Thai bags, the 502VMT isdesigned to be longer and comes in at 72 inches. The extra length is great for practicing both low and high kicks, which is one of the key components of Muay Thai training. One of the really nice features that this bag has is that it comes with a chain on the bottom, which gives you the ability to tie it down to the ground. This provides extra stability when hitting the bag with punches and kicks and will stop it from swinging around too much.

The 502VMT weighs in at 125 pounds, which is a pretty standard weight for Muay Thai bags. The bag weighs enough to handle pretty powerful leg kicks without moving too much, but if you are very experienced (or have a lot of power) you may want to consider getting a heavy bag. The bag has a blended filler material which is designed to provide the perfect amount of resistance and absorbency when hit with kicks and other blows. The bag also features a PVC cover material that is designed to protect the bag from ripping.

Overall we think this TKO heavy bag is a good choice if you want to train Muay Thai or other kick heavy martial arts disciplines. However, if you plan to use the bag for other purposes (ex: boxing) then you probably want to consider a more traditional bag that’s more suited to versatile style training. You can also read our full reviews of Muay Thai bags to see some other good options.

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TKO Bag (502C)

Bottom line: If you are looking for a light heavy bag the the TKO 502C could be a very good option. At just 50 pounds the bag is best for either children or people who just want to practice light striking.

At just 50 pounds this TKO punching bag is designed for kids and/or very light people who want to train with a lighter bag. However, the bag does include TKO’s double tie down feature, which allows you to hang the bag from the ceiling and also connect it to the floor. This helps to provide maximum stability and stop it from moving too much when hit with power shots.

The TKO heavy bag bag has a blended filler material which provides a good amount of absorbency and resistance. The filler materials makes the bag feel pretty good when you hit it with a punches, kicks, elbows, knees and other strikes. The cover is made from a durable polycanvas material with nylon stitching on the seams that helps keep the bag from tearing. This is a nice feature to have as one of the concerns with any heavy bag is that the seams might start ripping and the insides will spill out. The bag comes equipped with chains at the top along with a swivel so that it can rotate.

One of the things we really like about this bag is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is pretty impressive because it’s clear TKO stands behind the quality and durability of their punching bags. Based on this guarantee and the overall quality of the bag, we think this TKO heavy bag is a very good choice for people looking for a lighter bag.

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TKO Heavy Bag (TKO 502VN)

Bottom line: At only 40 pounds the 502VN is probably only good for kids or very light martial artists. It is one of the better 40 pound bags we’ve seen and if you just need a light punching bag then it could be a good choice.

The 502VN is another lightweight bag from TKO. At only 40 pounds the heavy bag is very light so we only suggest people buy this bag either for kids or if you are very (very) light. Otherwise the bag is probably going to move too much when you hit it with any kind of power. The bag is 34 inches long and has a diameter of 14 inches. This is definitely on the smaller side for punching bags, but that’s because it’s just a smaller bag in general.

The bag features a blended filler that provides a good amount of resistance when you strike it, but it isn’t too tough. Like other TKO bags, the 502VN features a PVC cover material that is designed to withstand a beating without ripping. The bag also has a chain that can be used to tie the bag to the ground. This feature helps stabilize the bag, which makes it good if you plan on hitting the bag hard. The bag also comes with steel chains that can be used to hang the bag from the ceiling or a heavy bag stand.

Overall we think this is a pretty good quality light heavy bag. If you want or need a lighter bag and 40 pounds is heavy enough then the TKO 502VN is definitely a good choice. Another smaller bag we’ve reviewed is the Everlast 4004 and you can ready our reviews of Kids punching bags here to see how these two bags stack up against each other.

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Wrap Up

TKO may not be the biggest punching bag brand, but that doesn’t meant they don’t make some good quality bags that you should consider. If you are looking for a good bag then in general we like TKO bags. However, we’d still suggest you check out some of the other reviews on the site to find out if other bags are more suitable to your training needs.