Best Punching Dummy Reviews

If you’re practicing martial arts then chances are at some point you may be interested in getting a punching dummy. There is a lot of mixed information about punching dummies and whether they are worth buying over a regular punching bag. We put together a review of the two top dummies on the market so that you could decide if one of them will work for your training requirements. You can also read our full reviews of the Century BOB bags here for more information.

Body Opponent Bag (BOB)

punching-dummyThe Body Opponent Bag is definitely one of the best known punching dummies on the market. Century designed the dummy to be shaped similarly to a real person, right down to the angry/aggressive facial features that make you want to hit it hard.


The dummy has 7 different height settings that range from 60″ to 78″ tall. This gives you a wide range of target levels to practice with. It also makes the BOB good for martial artists of multiple sizes. The dummy weighs in at around 270 pounds when the base is filled with water or sand. The heavy weight is designed to keep the bag relatively stableeven if you punch or kick it very hard.

What We Like

The BOB dummy is a lot of fun to strike with punches, kicks, elbows and more. With a regular bag you don’t really have any specific target to hit, but the realistic features on the dummy make it great for aiming and targeting specific areas on the body. This is especially helpful if you want to work on the accuracy of your striking.

The bag is fun to strike and the surface feels good when both punching or kicking it. However, due to the realistic features (i.e. rougher edges than a normal bag) we do recommend you use some kind of martial arts gloves or you could risk injury. The bag’s weight of 270 pounds keeps it relatively stable when struck. If you are packing a lot of power or are very experienced you may find the dummy moves around too much, but in general for most people it seems manageable.

Since the Body Opponent Bag is freestanding this makes it easy to set up in your home. It is also much easier than using a traditional heavy bag that needs to be hung from the ceiling. While the BOB is certainly heavy when filled, you can roll it if needed. This is great if you want to move the bag into the middle of the room to practice and then move it out of the way when you’re done with it. You can also empty the base if needed which makes it transportable if you need to take it somewhere.

What We Don’t Like

Overall we think this is probably the best punching dummy available. However, it is a little pricey, so if you are on a budget you may want to consider a regular heavy bag as they are usually cheaper. You should also make sure that you really want a dummy and not a regular bag. Therealistic features are great, but they are also limiting in that you will need to be very aware of the areas on the bag you are targeting (i.e. unlike a regular bag you can’t just throw punches and kicks anywhere at the bag and get the same consistent experience). So while we recommend this bag if you want to work on precision striking, it’s not necessarily that good for working on other things like power. If you’re looking for a bag you can develop power with then check out ourreview of the Century Wavemaster XXL.

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Body Opponent Bag XL (BOB XL)

bob-punching-dummyThe XL is very similar to the regular bag, except it’s bigger as it includes a torso section. The extra section gives you an increased striking surface, which is great if you want to practice body shots. Just like the original the XL features the realistic features right down to the grimace on the guy’s face.


The XL version also features multiple height settings ranging from 60″ to 82″ tall. This makes the XL 4 inches taller than the original at it’s highest height setting. The XL weighs 270 pounds just like the original and has a plastic base that can be easily filled with water or sand.

What We Like

Just like the original we like that the punching dummy has a human form as this allows you to work on precision striking. The increased torso area is nice as it allows lower body shots than the original. We think the torso addition is definitely useful, so if you want to practice a lot of lower strikes the XL could be worth it. The bag responds well when it’s hit and the dummy reacts as close to a real person as a dummy can when it’s struck. For example, the head tends to wobble a bit when you strike it with punches, just like you would expect a real person’s head to do.

What We Don’t Like

Basically what we don’t like about this bag is the same exact thing as the original. You should only get the XL if you are sure you want a punching bag that will let you focus on precision targets.Otherwise a regular heavy bag will probably provide a better overall training experience. In terms of the difference between this bag and the original, the XL is around $100 more expensive. So we’d recommend sticking with the original unless you specifically want to practice hitting the torso area.

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Other Choices

You can also the video below to see the BOB punching dummy in action to get a better sense of how to use it. We also encourage you to check out some of the other reviews on this site to see if a more traditional free standing punching bag may meet your training needs better. Let us know if you have any questions.