Muay Thai Bag Reviews

Although we generally like to use regular punching bags due to their versatility, we do also like to train with a Muay Thai heavy bag. Unlike traditional bags, Muay Thai bags are longer, skinner and heavier than a typical heavy bag. This is because the bags are often used for kicking and so they need to both be heavier, sturdier and longer to accommodate both low and high kicks. There are several good bags that you should consider and we review the top bags from Outslayer, Title, Ringside and Combat Sports.

Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag

Outslayer makes a great Muay Thai bag that we think you should seriously consider. While it isn’t as cheap as other bags, it makes up for it’s higher price with premium features. Unlike some other bags from other brands, Outslayer packed this one with a special fabric filler that is designed to absorb power shots very well. The fabric is especially nice because it won’t settle on the bottom, which can often be the case for bags that are made with sand. This means you won’t need to worry about the bottom of the bag settling and getting rock hard or the bag developing empty spots.

The bag is 72 inches long and has a 14 inch diameter. In our opinion this is the perfect size for a Muay Thai heavy bag and provides a ton of striking surface. This makes the bag great for training both low and high strikes. The Outslayer bag weighs 130 pounds which is our ideal weight for Muay Thai style training bags. The bag’s weight keeps it pretty stable even when hit with powerful leg kicks. However, if you have very powerful strikes you may want to take advantage of the ring that is equipped on the bottom of the bag to connect it to the floor (or a sand bag) for extra stability.

The bag has a very durable vinyl cover that should keep the bag intact even after repeated blows. There is also a 10 year warranty on the bag and this is one of the key selling features. Overall we think this is one of the best Muay Thai style training bags available.

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Combat Sports Muay Thai Training Bag

muay-thai-heavy-bagCombat Sports is a popular MMA equipment manufacturer and is known for their high quality products. Their 100 pound Muay Thai bag is very popular and is known for being very durable and well-made. The bag is made from a synthetic leather material that feels good on the shins and hands when stuck with blows. The bag is very well made and the seams seem constructed to handle repeated blows without any issues. The bag weighs in at around 100 pounds. This is a little lighter than some other Muay Thai style bags, so keep this in mind if you are looking for a heavier bag. However, it still holds up well even against powerful strikes, so it is definitely a decent choice. The bag is relatively soft, which makes it pretty forgiving when hit. This means you can pound it with powerful strikes and not worry as much about hurting your legs. At 72″ long the bag is just the right length to handle both high and low kicks. This makes it a great bag for developing all kinds of leg strikes and should serve you well if you are doing Muay Thai training. It also has a 12″ diameter which is a little smaller than some other Thai bags. In general this is a very good bag to choose if you need a solid, well-built banana style bag. It is also priced very well, which is perhaps its biggest selling point.

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Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Ringside isn’t the biggest martial arts equipment manufacturer in the world, but in general we are big fans of their products. Their Muay muay thai bagThai banana bag is no different and is a great bag to consider. The bag weighs 100 pounds when filled and is made out of Ringside’s unique and durable “Powerhide” material. The covering really makes a noticeable difference on this bag and it should withstand repeated blows without issue. The bag is 72 inches long, so it gives you a full 6 feet of striking surface from top to bottom. This makes the bag a fantastic choice for practicing striking at different levels without worrying about going too high or low and missing the bag.

The bag has a diameter of 13″, which is about average for a banana bag. The bag feels very good to hit with strong leg kicks and provides a good resistance while still being soft enough to not hurt our shins. The biggest selling feature for this bag is how well made it is. The bag should handle repeated blows well and you won’t need to worry about it splitting at the seams. In general, we think this bag is a very good choice and highly recommend it. Of course like other banana bags it does tend to settle just a bit on the bottom. This is pretty unavoidable, but is something to keep in mind if you want to practice low kicks regularly.

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Title Classic Banana Bag

title heavy bagWe are big fans of the Title Classic banana bag. The bag definitely stands out with it’s bright red color that is different than the traditional black Muay Thai bags from most other brands (there is also traditional black version if the red is too bright for you). The color really differentiates this bag, but that alone isn’t a compelling enough reason to get it. Instead we think you should consider it because it is a very good quality bag at an excellent price.

The Title bag is 72 inches long, so it gives you ample surface to practice all kinds of strikes. At the same time it has a diameter of 14 inches, which is the perfect size for a Muay Thai heavy bag in our opinion. At 100 pounds the Title bag is a little lighter than some other bags, but this wasn’t a big issue for us. We think the bag weighs just enough to withstand power shots and not move too much.

The large size and thick diameter make striking the bag both fun and easy. It is also pretty forgiving even when struck with powerful leg kicks. This is because it’s made with a durable and yet soft enough foam layer. The bag’s cover is made out of a premium feeling synthetic leather, which is designed to keep the filler intact after repeated blows. The bag comes with a chain (used for hanging) and a swivel. The swivel is great because the bag can swing around freely. Overall we think the Title Classic Banana bag is an excellent choice that you should seriously consider.

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