Kids Punching Bag Reviews

If your child is getting into martial arts chances are they will want to get a punching bag so that they can practice at home. There are several popular kids punching bag choices and we review the top ones below. Unless you have a set training space where you can hang the heavy bag, we recommend free standing bags as they are easier to set up and move around. You don’t need to buy the most expensive bag out there, but we do recommend you get a good bag that will last awhile as kids always seem to wear out bags pretty quickly.

Kid Kick Wavemaster

punching-bag-for-kidsCentury makes great punching bags in general and their Kid Kick Wavemaster is one of the top bags we recommend for kids. The bag is really good for both kids who are just startingmartial arts and those who have already been practicing for awhile. The Kid Kick is built with a thick foam layer that is great at absorbing both punches and kicks. The padding should handle the power of kids of all sizes and still be pretty forgiving, but of course we always recommend wearing gloves. Like other bags in Century’s Wavemaster line, the Kid Kick has a very good vinyl cover that should stay intact even after repeated kicks, punches, knees and elbows.

The Kid Kick has 4 separate height settings. This makes it great for kids of all sizes to practice striking. It also lets experienced children practice hitting the bag at different levels. The entire bag with the base weighs approximately 170 pounds when filled with water or sand. Unless your kid has exceptional power, the weight of the bag should keep it stable when hit with strong punches and kicks. For a comparison, the adult Wavemaster bags weigh approximately 250-270 pounds.

Since it’s a free standing bag and has a rounded base, it’s easy to move around if needed. This is great if your child doesn’t have a set room for training as you can move the bag out of the way when they’re done practicing. You can also empty the base of the bag if you need to transport it somewhere. The bag is less than $100 on Amazon, so it is very reasonably priced. Overall we think the Kid Kick is an excellent kids punching bag and encourage you to check it out.

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UFC Youth Training Bag Set

UFC-Youth-Punching-Bag-SetChances are if your kid is getting into martial arts they know about the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which has popularized mixed martial arts. What better way for your kid to pretend like he’s an MMA fighter than with a UFC branded heavy bag. The UFC youth kit is an excellent choice if you are on a budget as this set comes with both a hanging heavy bag and gloves. The gloves are a nice addition because you will want to make sure your kids are wearing hand protection when punching the bag.

The small UFC youth bag is perfect for younger kids who need a decent quality bag to practice with. It is made with a durable vinyl cover that is specifically designed and built to withstand all kinds of strikes that your kid might throw at it. In terms of setting up the bag, it comes with both chain straps and chain loops that make it easy to hang up. This punching bag for kids is generally meant for smaller children so we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it if your child is experienced in martial arts or has a lot of power. Overall we think this bag is a decent choice for smaller kids new to martial arts, but you may want to consider a higher quality bag if they are serious about their training.

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Century Versys Youth Training Bag

kids-punching-bagThe Versys is a new line of training bags that Century debuted in 2013. While there are several good adult bags in the line, they also produced a very good youth bag. This bag is more expensive than some other youth bags, so if price is a concern you may want to look elsewhere. However, we think it is a very high quality bag and it’s worth the price if you can afford it.

Like many other bags in the Versys line, the youth bag has avery low profile base and a tall bag that sits on top of it. This lets your kid practice all kinds of strikes without worrying too much about kicking the base with a low kick. The large bag provides a good deal of striking surface, so your child will be able to practice a variety of kicks, punches and other techniques.

This bag is designed to be lighter than other kids punching bags and weighs just 40 pounds. This is so it can easily be picked up on tossed on the floor. This allows your kid to practice pretending to throw an opponent and it also lets them practice working on their ground training. Of course the light weight means that it isn’t as stable when standing up as other bags. So if your child hits it with enough power it’s possible they might knock the bag down. But of course because it weighs only 40 pounds it’s pretty easy to pick back up again if this happens.

Overall we really like the Versys youth bag. It’s a great bag that has a lot of versatility and lets kidspractice a wide range of martial arts techniques. If you don’t mind spending a bit more on a good punching bag for kids then we definitely recommend you check it out.

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Everlast4004Everlast 4004

Everlast is probably the best known martial arts accessories brands in the world. They are known for making high quality products and the Everlast 4004 heavy bag is a good punching bag for kids to consider. While this bag isn’t necessarily specifically designed for kids, it’s light weight makes it a popular choice for many children. This bag is a traditional style bag and comes with a chain for hanging. This means you will need to hang it from either a ceiling or something like a heavy bag stand. While we generally prefer free standing bags for this reason, if you have a set place to hang the bag there shouldn’t be any issues.

At 40 pounds the bag should be great for many children. The bag itself looks and feels just like other Everlast bags, so your kids will probably be excited to train with it. The bag’s cover is made from vinyl with Everlast’s custom “Nevatear” technology, which as you probably can guess is designed to keep the bag from tearing. Since many kids can be pretty rough with punching bags, the durable Nevatear cover come in handy in keeping the bag intact. Overall we think this bag is a pretty good choice, especially as it’s price of around $40. If you are looking for a good punching bag for kids then you should definitely check out the Everlast 4004.

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