Everlast Freestanding Bag Reviews

The Omniflex, Hyperflex and Powercore are some of the most popular Everlast free standing punching bags. But unlike traditional heavy bags, these free standing bags are each designed to serve different training purposes. The Omniflex and Hyperflex bags are excellent for developing speed, timing and accuracy, while the PowerCore is a more traditional standing bag. Read the reviews below to find out if one of these bags would work well for your MMA training.

Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag

everlast omniflex free standing heavy bagThe Omniflex bag is an excellent free standing punching bag for both serious martial arts athletes and amateurs. Unlike a lot of other free standing punching bags, the bag has a long neck that will move back and forth when hit. This special design is great because it allows you to work on your speed, timing and accuracy. The design of the bag is also great for practicing a variety of striking, from kicking, knees, elbows and more.

The Omniflex is very good for both those who are focusing on developing power striking as well as cardio workouts. The movement of the bag helps to simulate a real life combat experience. This lets you work on and develop techniques that most other bags can’t provide. The design of the bag lets youwork on both distance shots as well as your close range techniques, all while dealing with a moving bag, which forces you to be accurate and focused.

The bag is well built and should last a long time. The bag is made with very good quality shock absorbing foam that can take punishment from people of all sizes and power. Along with the foam layer, the bag is made up of a durable outer shell. We found the bag to very capable of withstanding some serious punishment, which is what you want out of any good quality punching bag.

The base of the bag can be filled with water and sand and weighs approximately 130 pounds. The weight of the bag keeps the actual base sturdy, even while the bag portion swings bag and forth. It has an adjustable height (up to 67 inches) that makes it perfect for fighters of all sizes, as well as practicing striking at different levels.

Compared to other free standing bags, the Everlast Omniflex is much lighter when filled up with water or sand. This makes it easy to move out of the way when you’re done training. Overall we think this is a very high quality bag that you should definitely consider.

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Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag

everlast hyperflex strike bagThe Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to work on their hand-eye coordination. The small bag will force you to focus on your precision striking, so you will have to be very accurate with your punches. Since the bag flexes when hit (there are 3 different flex modes) it is perfect for developing your speed and accuracy.

The bag’s three flex settings are:

  • Speed Flex: As the name suggests, this setting is meant to be used when you want to focus on speed, punching combinations and developing your reflexes.
  • Straight Flex: A good setting for developing punching techniques, focusing on footwork skills, and getting your timing down.
  • Hyperflex: This setting can be used when you want to focus on your quickness, precision, and speed.

The bag is perfect for those who want to work on their foot work as you will be able to work several different angles with your striking while using the bag. The bag is also very good for people who want to increase their cardio as you can constantly move around the bag striking it and reacting to it as it flexes. It is also good for developing agility as the movement of the bag will force you to constantly be ready to move.

The bag can also be used to work on your defensive skills. This is because the bag moves when hit and therefore it helps to simulate the movement of a real person. While obviously not as good as a real life sparring session, the movement of the bag is one of the best features. The spring settings of this bag will allow you to get a realistic workout without having an actual sparring partner.

When this base of the bag is filled with sand or water it weighs nearly 70 pounds. This makes it perfect for those who do not have a permanent location for a training bag as it’s incredibly easy to move around and store when it’s not in use. This is the perfect solution for those who need to save space.

The height of this bag is also adjustable. This is perfect for people of different heights to achieve an effective workout. It is also good for practicing striking at different levels. At the highest setting the bag stands 63 inches. If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your strikes, then this strike bag is definitely a good choice. It will help you develop your striking skills all while working on your footwork and increasing your cardio performance.

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Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag

The PowerCore is probably Everlast’s most traditional free standing bag. Unlike the other two bags we’ve reviewed in this article the PowerCore competes with other similar bags (see our Wavemaster XXL review). However, the one major advantage that this bag has compared to ones from other brands is that it is priced much cheaper at around just $125 on Amazon.com.

everlast powercoreThe bag weighs about 250 pounds when filled with water or sand. We’ve mentioned this in other reviews, but in general, we prefer water to sand since it is easier to remove if you ever need to transport the bag. You can change the height of the bag and it ranges from 52-65 inches tall. These height settings are a bit shorter than other bags, so do keep this in mind if you are planning on practicing throwing higher kicks and punches. The cover of the bag is made with a custom vinyl Everlast Nevatear cover. We like Nevatear covers and it feel pretty good to strike the bag.

What makes this bag unique compared to other standing bags is that it features a flexible neck that moves a bit when you hit it. The bag is designed to recoil a little when struck and so it moves around a little more. Ideally this would help with speed, timing and power, and if you are lighter or aren’t throwing power shots then this may be fine. However, the big issue that many people seem to have is that the bag’s design means that it’s not particularly stable and tends to move around pretty significantly. This can be pretty annoying as you will constantly need to move around to hit the bag (i.e. the bag can move so much that you’ll constantly need to be moving closer to hit it). The plastic also feels a bit flimsy and overall the bag just isn’t as sturdy as what we like to generally train with.

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However, despite the negatives we wouldn’t go so far as to tell people not to buy it. If you are looking for a cheap free standing bag and are aware of the limitations then you could definitely consider it. Of course our preferred bag is the Wavemaster XXL, but that bag is basically double the price and many people may not want to spend that kind of money. So the Everlast PowerCore freestanding heavy bag could be a good option if you just need something cheap. We encourage you to check out the other reviews on this site though as there may be better options that more closely match your martial arts training needs.