Century Wavemaster XXL Review

century wavemaster xxlIf you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, durable and all around great free standing punching bag, then you have to seriously consider the Century Wavemaster XXL. This has been one of the most popular bags for several years and we highly recommend it to anyone who needs a new bag. Read the review below if you want to find out if this bag is also right for you.

One of the Best Free Standing Bags

The XXL is one of the most popular free standing punching bags and it’s for good reason. At about 69 inches tall and with a diameter of 18 inches, the XXL is pretty big, which makes it the perfect size for people of all heights. The bag is made with a high-density foam layer that is durable and tough. This makes it great to hit the bag with everything from power punches to strong kicks. The bag also comes with a very study vinyl cover that should hold up well against repeated strikes. However, despite the forgiving nature of the bag we always recommend you wear gloves when striking to protect your hands. One of the key reasons to get this bag is the stability it provides. This bag is good for everyone from casual martial arts practitioners to serious fighters training for competitions. The bag handles everything from light to intense workout routines very well. While we often recommend this bag for home use, the durability it provides is also good for gyms and martial arts studios.

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The Wavemaster XXL is very good for practicing different training routines. You can position the bag in the center of the room and then come at it from different angles and levels. This makes the bag great for those who want to be able to practice their footwork. At the same time because of the durability of the bag you can hit it with repeated power shots. This makes it great for both people who want a good cardio workout and those looking to develop their punching and kicking power. Another key benefit is that it is easy to set up. Unlike a traditional hanging punching bag, the XXL doesn’t need to be mounted to a ceiling or a wall. All you need to do is fill up the base with water or sand and you can get ready to train with it. This bag is even super easy to set up compared to many other free standing punching bags as it has a wide hole to add in the water/sand. We generally recommend using water, but only because it’s easier to empty if you ever want to transport the bag. When the base is filled the total weight of the XXL is around 270 pounds. This keeps the XXL very stable compared to a lot of other free standing bags that are lighter and potentially more flimsy. Another advantage is that unlike a hanging bag that is mounted to a ceiling or wall, this bag can be much more easily moved around a room. This means you can move the bag into the center of a room to train and the roll it out of the way when you’re done with it. This is especially good if you don’t have a fixed place for your training equipment. The XXL comes in red, blue and black, so you have some good color options. We think the XXL is one of the best martial arts training bags available. It is great for both amateurs and serious martial artists. If you are looking for a high quality bag then you definitely should take a look at the user reviews to learn more.

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Comparison to other Wavemaster Punching Bags

Although this bag is more expensive than other bags in the Wavemaster line we believe it is well worth it. The XXL is capable of taking power shots and holds up well. However, if you want something cheaper then you could consider the Original or the Powerline. You can read our in depth reviews of several Century Wavemaster bags or check out these free standing punching bag reviews.

Original Wavemaster

wavemaster xxlThis bag is significantly cheaper than the XXL, so if you are on a budget it can be a good choice. The Original is smaller than the XXL, so it has a reduced striking surface. In addition, the padding isn’t nearly as thick so it’s possible you can feel the tube that the padding goes over if you hit it with a significant strike. However, despite the negatives it is still a very good bag. The bag ranges from 47 to 68 inches tall and has a diameter of 13 inches. There are seven different height settings and this allows you to practice striking at many different levels, which is great for developing your combat skills.

You can use the Original for both cardio and also developing punching power. The bag is pretty durable, although it is smaller and weighs less than the XXL (250 pounds), so it will move a little more when hit with strong kicks and even hard punches. Like other bags in the Century line, the Original’s base can be filled with water or sand. This makes the bag very convenient to set up and start training.

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Century Powerline Wavemaster

The Powerline is the first successor to the Original Wavemaster. While this bag is pretty similar to the Original, it was specifically designed with a significantly bigger diameter (17.5 inches vs 13 inches) compared to the Original with more foam padding. This design is meant to handle powerful strikes better than the Original. The Powerline Wavemaster is good for versatile workouts so you can improve not only your cardio, but also your power. It is a good bag to work both distance training and inside striking. While we think the bag is definitely an improvement on the Original’s design, the price point between it and the XXL may not be worth it. We would suggest spending the extra money on the XXL since it is a superior bag in almost every way.

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Wrap Up

The Century Wavemaster XXL is one of the top (and quite possibly the best) free standing punching bag we have ever used. We highly recommend it if you need a good bag to train with. The Original is a good choice if you want something cheaper as it’s around half the price. While the Powerline is also a good quality bag, we don’t generally recommend it because the price is similar to the XXL and think it’s worth spending the extra money. However, if you simply don’t have the cash then it can be a good option to consider.