Century Wavemaster Punching Bag Reviews

Century is one of the best known martial arts equipment makers in the world and they make the very popular line of Wavemaster free standing punching bags. Century Wavemaster punching bags are usually well-built, durable, and provide a very good training experience. Below we review several of the top bags, including the XXL, Original, Powerline, Aerobic and Kid Kick.

XXLWavemaster XXL

The XXL is probably Century’s best known punching bag. It is one of the most popular bags to use for training and we highly recommended it. The bag is big (69 inches tall), durable (resistant to powerful strikes), and easy to set up. We have written a review of the bag, so instead of rehashing all the details about how good it is you can read the full Wavemaster XXL review to get all the details. You can also see more details like user reviews and pricing.

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The Original, as it’s name suggests, was the first heavy bag in the Wavemaster line. This bag is similar to the XXL except it’s smaller and a little lighter. The bag features 7 height settings that range from 47 inches to 68 inches. The adjustable height allows you to practice a variety of striking drills at different levels. Of course, since the bag itself is smaller than the XXL, you may need to adjust it’s height during the actual drills to hit different level targets.

The diameter of the bag is 13 inches and it comes equipped with a durable foam layer that does a pretty good job at absorbing blows. This is perfect for those who want to avoid any injuries to their hands (of course gloves should definitely still be worn when striking the bag). However, the bag definitely isn’t as thick as the XXL, so it you have particularly powerful blows you may end up feeling the base.

The bag weighs 250 pounds when filled with water or sand, so it is 20 pounds lighter than the XXL. While this isn’t a huge weight difference, it does mean the bag moves around more when hit with powerful kicks or punches. We generally didn’t find the padding or the lighter weight to be that huge of a problem, but there is definitely a difference so you may want to consider a larger bag if you are bigger or have powerful strikes.

OriginalThe bag holds up well to repeated shots and as long as you aren’t hitting it too hard it won’t move that much. This makes the Original a great bag to work on and develop your cardio.Also, since the bag is free standing you can place it in the center of the room and work on your footwork as you will have access to the 360 degree surface area of the bag. The bag is also very convenient to move due to its round base. This makes it great for taking out during a training session and then rolling to the side when it’s not in use. In addition, if you fill the bag up with water it is pretty easy to empty it and transport if needed.

While it isn’t as good as some other bags, the Original is a decent choice if you are on a budget. It is much cheaper than the XXL so if money is a concern then it is definitely worth considering. If you are just looking for a bag that you can have a decent work out with and don’t plan on hammering it with power shots then it can be very good option to consider.

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Century Powerline Wavemaster

Century Powerline WavemasterCentury developed the Powerline to fix a couple of the common complaints with the Original (not enough padding and it moves when hit with powerful blows). The Powerline is thicker, with the bag having a diameter of 17.5 inches. It is also is 26 inches long, so there is an increased striking surface. The Powerline has 8 height settings that range from 47 inches to 68 inches. Like the Original, the height settings make the bag great for practicing your kicking and punchingat multiple levels. Of course, you may need to adjust the bag during workouts if you are targeting different levels.

Like other Century free standing punching bags, the Powerline can be filled up easily with water or sand. We recommend you consider using water since it makes emptying and moving the bag an option, but that’s just our personal preference. The bag weighs 270 pounds when the base is filled. This is 20 pounds more than the Original, but it makes a noticeable difference in the stability of the bag. You can definitely hit the bag with stronger kicks and punches with less movement than the Original. The increased stability of the bag makes it very good for practicing both cardio workouts and developing power.

The Century Powerline Wavemaster is definitely an improvement on the Original and we think it’s a good bag. However, it’s at a weird price point in that it’s cheaper than the XXL, but more expensive than the Original. We generally recommend just buying the XXL since it is a superior bag and only a little more expensive. However, if you simply don’t have the money for the bigger bag then the Powerline is a good compromise.

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Century Aerobic Wavemaster

Century Aerobic WavemasterAs the name implies, the Century Aerobic Wavemaster isdesigned with cardio workouts in mind. It is not meant for developing power and so it will not handle powerful blows particularly well. The bag is great for a variety of aerobic workouts, so if all you need a bag is to develop cardio then is is a great choice. The bag has an outer foam shell that provides a durable and soft surface to absorb impact. The outer shell can handle a decent amount of abuse, so you can feel free to hit it with repeated blows and not worry about it breaking down.

The Aerobic weighs approximately 170 pounds when filled with either water our sand. The length of the bag is 40 inches so there is a lot of surface area to hit. The bag’s height can be adjusted from 53 to 63 inches. The size and height settings of the bag allows you to practice targeting multiple levels. You can also use the different height settings to simulate the heights of upcoming opponents.

The bag comes with a low profile base that makes it great for low kicks. The small base also makes the bag easy to move around as needed. This is one of the benefits of free standing bags and we really like being able to move our bags to the side of the room when we’re done with them.

The Aerobic is a very good bag to consider if all you want is to do is work on cardio training. We have used this bag when trying to develop both our cardio and the speed of our striking and the bag has held up well. This bag is definitely not meant for everyone though. If you want a bag todevelop power or if you just naturally have stronger kicks, punches, elbows, knees and other strikes then you probably want a bigger bag.

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Kid Kick Wavemaster

Kid Kick WavemasterAs the name suggests, the Kid Kick Wavemaster is developed for kids. It is a great bag to give to kids who are just getting into martial arts and want a good quality bag to practice on. The bag has 4 height settings that range from 37 inches to a maximum of 52 inches. The bag weighs 170 pounds when filled, so it should be able to handle the striking of the vast majority of kids, unless they are bigger with a lot of power and/or are very experienced.

The bag’s thick padding is designed to absorb punches and kicks. Of course you should encourage your child to be safe and not be reckless when striking the bag. The bag is made with a durable vinyl cover, just like other Century bags. This means it should hold up well even to the kind of wear and tear that kids may put on it.

The bag has a low profile rounded base which makes it good for practicing lower level kicks. The low base is also good for younger kids who aren’t as tall. The rounded base is great because it means you can move it when needed. This allows you to take the bag out when your child wants to train and then roll it to the side of the room (or even put it in a closet if it fits). The Kid Kick is definitely one of the top bags designed for children and we think they will really enjoy training with it.

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