Century Versys Review

If you’ve read any of the other reviews you can probably tell that we are generally big fans of Century punching bags. This is because they are usually high-quality bags that last a long time. So when we heard last year that Century was releasing a new line of punching bags called Versys we were excited to get our hands on them (literally).

There are three separate and pretty distinct bags in the Versys line and we review all of them below. The bottom line is that these are very good bags, but they are a little expensive, so you should be sure they are right for you before buying one of them.

VS1 Versys Fight Simulator

century versysAt first glance the VS1 might look pretty similar to other Century free standing punching bags like the Wavemaster XXL. However, once you see it closer it’s obvious that the bag is designed to be different. Unlike a normal standing bag that has a large base, the VS1 is designed with a much smaller base. The small base, combined with the height of the bag (66 inches tall), provide an increased striking surface that makes the bag good for multiplestriking levels. The CS1 is equally good for practicing both low and high kicks as well as knees and elbows.

The bag weighs approximately 110 pounds, which makes itmuch lighter than most other standing bags. As you might have guessed, this means the bag isn’t designed to handle the same kind of power as other bags. With this in mind, the VS1 was designed primarily for people who need a good bag to work on cardio, speed and endurance. The bag does a good job at handling normal power strikes and since we were using it for cardio and speed training the lighter weight wasn’t an issue for us.

The VS1 sacrifices the heavier weight in return for enhanced versatility. That’s because this bag doubles as a grappling dummy. The light weight of the bag means that it’s easy to toss on the floor when you want to practice some ground and pound action. We regularly used the bag for stand up striking practice and then put it on the floor when we wanted to simulate a grounded opponent. There are even two handles on the bag that can be used both during ground and pound training and when the bag is upright. We especially liked grabbing the handles when the bag was standing upright and throwing some knees while practicing being in the clinch.

The bag is made with thick foam padding and has a 18.75 inch diameter which absorbs blows well. The cover of the bag is made with a durable vinyl layer that should keep the bag from ripping. Unlike a lot of other bags, the VS1 comes already filled. This means you don’t need to worry about filling it with water or sand, which is definitely an added bonus. Overall we really like the Century Versys VS1 Fight simulator and think it’s a very good bag if you are looking for versatility from your mixed martial arts training equipment.

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VS2 Versys Grappling Simulator

vs2 fight simulatorAs the name suggests, the Vs2 is designed to be a grappling dummy and not a punching bag. Now while you could occasionally use it to throw some lighter kicks and punches with it standing up, it’s only 50 pounds so it’s likely to get knocked over if you strike it with any kind of force. The real reason to get this bag is if you want to practice grappling and the bag performs well when used in this manner.

The VS2 is designed to stand upright (unlike some grappling dummies) so you can practice all kinds of takedowns, throws, and other grappling techniques. This makes the bag great to practice a variety ofmartial arts training disciplines like judo, BJJ, wrestling, etc on techniques like throws, tosses, takedowns, etc. The bag is designed with two arms that you can use either during stand up training or when the bag is on the ground. The bag has three legs that are designed to keep it sturdy while you train. The legs can also be good to practice different leg techniques like leg locks.

As we mentioned, the bag is only 50 pounds. This is significantly lighter than most other dummies, but at the same time this lower weight allows more versatility without worrying as much about sustaining injuries. The VS2 stands 60 inches tall, so while it isn’t quite average height for a person it’s big enough for the vast majority of people to train with. The bag is made from a very flexible material that feels good to strike (absorbs blows well) and also springs back into place once your done with whatever technique you’re practicing. Overall we like the Century Versys VS2 and think it’s a good bag to practice grappling techniques.

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VS3 Versys Fight Simulator

century fight simulatorThe VS3 is a very interesting and unique training bag. On one hand it’s shaped like a grappling dummy, but on the other hand it’s also designed to stand upright and handle striking. The versatility of the bag means that you can use it for a lot of different martial arts training techniques. The bag is 100 pounds and is 69 inches tall. This makes it 10 pounds lighter than the VS1, but 3 inches taller. Given the weight of the bag, it’s not really designed to develop power, but rather it can be used for cardio, accuracy and speed training.

The VS3 has three legs that help keep it stable during training. The shape of the bag (including the three legs) makes it great for throwing all sorts of strikes, including low leg kicks, knees, flying knees, punches, elbows and a variety of other strikes at multiple levels. This lets you practice targeting both the legs of an opponent as well as the mid-section and upper body. There are also has two handles at the top of the bag that are great for practicing knee strikes. The bag is also great to practice with while you are on the ground. For example, you can pretend like you are in guard position and practice fighting off an upright opponent.

The VS3 is very durable and handles striking very well, both in terms of resistance it provides and also by not moving too much when hit. The bag’s lightweight means that it’s easy to move around. This is good if you want to move the bag to the middle of the room while training with it and then push it out of the way when you’re done with it. Overall we think that the Century Versys VS3 Fight Simulator is a very good bag that you should consider if you want a bag that will provide maximum versatility in terms of martial arts training.

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