Century BOB Review

If you are looking for a standard punching bag then you’re reading the wrong review. The Century BOB is a great MMA training bag, but it is definitely not the same as a traditional heavy bag. While it has many advantages that make this bag great and really fun to use, it’s not necessarily for everyone or every kind of workout. Read the review below to get all the details on this unique and exciting bag.

Century BOB – Unique and Exciting Features

century bobQuite obviously by looking at it the BOB bag is pretty different compared to most heavy bags. Unlike a normal punching bag that is cylindrical, the BOB punching bag is shaped like a human torso. The bag is designed to be lifelike and provide a realistic training experience so that you can pretend like you are sparring a real opponent. The face even has a mean looking scowl on it that just screams for a good beating.

Unlike other bags where you just hit the bag at various points without it really corresponding to a real opponent, the BOB bag gives you the opportunity to practice striking at realistic targets. Want to practice liver kicks or head shots? With the BOB bag you just need to look at the target and start firing punches, kicks, elbows and whatever other strikes you are practicing. These targets make training with the bag a lot of fun and probably the most realistic training experience you can possibly have with a punching bag.

The bag’s height is adjustable with seven different height settings ranging from 60-78 inches. This makes it very good for people of all sizes to train with. The height settings also let you practice hitting targets at various levels. Of course, you can also use the multiple height settings to simulate the heights of potential opponents. This is especially useful if you are practicing for competitions and/or real MMA fights. The actual bag itself it padded with a heavy duty platisol body made with a thick urethane high-density foam layer that is very good for absorbing blows. The bag does of course have some rougher edges compared to a regular punching bag because of it’s realistic shape. We didn’t find this to be an issue, but we strongly recommend you wear gloves otherwise you do run the risk of hurting your hands.

The bag is very easy to fill up with either water or sand. Some people prefer sand, but we actually almost exclusively use water in our free standing punching bags when possible. First of all, the BOB is designed so filling it up with water is pretty easy. Second, water is so much easier to remove if needed. This may not be a big deal if you have a very set area for where the heavy bag will stay. However, if you occasionally want the option of transporting it then water can be much more easily removed.

As we mentioned, it goes with out saying that the biggest advantage of the Century BOB bag is that you can practice your striking and movement against a realistic looking person. We use the bag regularly to work on the accuracy of our strikes. The foam padding also makes the bag comfortable and great to use. When compared to similar products, the Bob is a great tool for any serious martial artist as well as people who want a good cardio workout while also practicing their striking accuracy.

Of course, as we mentioned in the beginning the bag also has some drawbacks. First of all it’s quite obviously not shaped like a circular bag. This means you have to be very mindful of where you are throwing punches and kicks. With a normal bag the distance from you to any point on the bag is always roughly the same. However, with the BOB bag’s shape the torso is obviously much bigger than the head. This means the bag isn’t that great for general striking workouts. If you want a good bag that can be used for more general purposes you can read our Wavemaster XXL review for more details. Other than that though, we think the BOB punching bag is a great choice. The only other good realistic looking bag you might want to consider is the Century BOB XL.

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Century Bob XL

century bob xlWe think the regular BOB bag is great, but if you are looking for something a little bigger than you could consider the XL. The XL is very similar to the original, except it features a thigh area. This can be very good forpracticing leg strikes. If this is important to you then the XL may be worth the additional cost. Like the original BOB, the XL is a great tool for both amateurs and serious fighter that want to work on developing accurate striking.

The bag is similarly designed with a platsiol body and made with high-density foam to absorb powerful blows. The absorption of the foam helps to provide a relatively realistic experience to striking an actual opponent. Like the original, the XL features multiple adjustable height settings. This is great for practicing various levels when striking. Since this bag is a little bigger it is also very well equipped to handle people who are a little bigger and stronger.

Of course, just like the original the design of the bag makes it fantastic for striking and accuracy.The realistic features can both improve your aim and also provide fun targets. With a normal bag we often find ourselves getting a little bored. But the with the BOB punching bags there is the added benefit of having real targets to aim at. This helps you keep your focus during what could normally be a monotonous workout.

The BOB XL weighs 270 pounds when filled and just like the original it can be filled with either water or sand. Of course, as we have already mentioned you know we prefer water to sand due to mobility possibilities. The weight of the bag helps keep it very stable and it absorbs powerful shots very well. This makes it a very good bag for developing power and also if you just want to work on cardio workouts.

Like the original, we also recommend you wear gloves when you practice with the XL. The realistic features make it a lot of fun to practice hitting it, but they also make the bag have rougher edges. This really wasn’t a concern, but hand protection should be worn to make sure you don’t cut up your knuckles (we actually always advise you wear gloves when using any heavy bag).

Overall we really like both the original and BOB XL. Generally we think the original bag is perfectly fine for most people. However, if you need a bigger bag and/or specifically want to practice targeting the thigh area then the XL is also a great choice. Either way we think you will be getting a fun and exciting training bag that should last a long time.

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