The Best UFC Punching Bags

The UFC is the biggest martial arts promotion in the world with famous fighters like Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, and Jose Aldo in their ranks. They also have a very popular line of martial arts training equipment and below we review some of the top UFC heavy bags. Make sure to read the reviews to find out if this famous MMA promotion also makes quality training products.

UFC MMA OcTek Training Bag

UFC heavy bagThe UFC OcTek Training Bag is a traditional style hanging heavy bag. It features the same green/red color scheme that many other UFC punching bags have, so it definitely stands out compared to the more traditional black bags. The bag has a decently sized striking surface that makes it great for punches, kicks, elbows, knees and other strikes. It also has a pretty durable vinyl cover made with special OcTek fabric. This material is specifically designed to withstand rips and tears and should keep the bag intact, even after significant abuse.

What makes this bag really unique is that it is built with a “Flex4″ suspension system. Basically instead of chains (like most normal hanging bags) this UFC heavy bag features heavy duty straps that you use to hang the bag. The straps seem to be very durable and they have the advantage of keeping the bag more stable and steady than some other bags.

The OcTek bag comes in three different weights, including 70, 80 and 100 pounds. While we generally discuss free standing bags in most of our reviews, it’s important to point out that for hanging bags the weight also matters, but in a different way. The general consensus is that people should get a bag that is roughly 1/2 their own body weight. This is because you want a bag that will be sturdy enough, but not so heavy that it doesn’t move at all when it’s hit.

Overall we really like this UFC punching bag and think that is has a lot to offer. Since it comes in several different weight settings it is suitable for most people, whether they are just getting into martial arts or are experienced MMA fighters. It is also very reasonably priced at less than $100 for all three weight options.

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UFC Training Station

ufc punching bagIf you have read any of the other articles on this site then you can probably tell we are big fans of free standing punching bags. This is because we find them easier to set up and better for home use. So we were pretty excited to get our hands on and test out the UFC Training Station. The Training Station is a decent sized bag and comes with several different height levels that range from 51″ and 67″ tall. This is a pretty good size for standing bags and it provides ample striking surface and multiple target levels that you can use for training.

The bag is made very easy to fill and comes equipped with aninternal leak proof system. This is great as you won’t need to worry about the water and/or sand you use to fill the bag spilling out. When the base is filled the entire bag and base weighs in at around 200 pounds. This makes it quite a bit lighter than some other standing bags, like theCentury Wavemaster bags, which are 250-270 pounds. The actual bag portion of the Training Station is designed with a polyurethane foam layer that is meant to absorb strikes. The cover material is made from special OcTek fabric that is designed to withstand repeated blows without tearing.

Overall we think this UFC punching bag is an ok choice if you are just getting into martial arts, especially considering it’s price point of around just $150. However, it’s light weight doesn’t make the bag particularly sturdy, so if you are a trained martial artist or have powerful kicks, knees, elbows and punches you probably want to consider a heavier bag. This is because the bag will likely move too much for your liking if it’s hit too hard.

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UFC MMA Training Bag

The UFC MMA Training bag is another good option to consider if you are interested in UFC branded bags.Unlike the other two bags we reviewed, this one comes in a more traditional black color and has red lettering down the side. Also, unlike the OcTek bag we reviewed above, this UFC heavy bag has more traditional chain straps that are used to hang it from a ceiling or wall mount.UFC MMA Punching Bag

The MMA Training Bag weighs 100 pounds, which is a good weight for people with some martial arts experience and those with a decent amount of power. The bag handles power strikes pretty well and doesn’t tend to move too much, which can be a problem with smaller bags. It also has a tough vinyl cover that is built to withstand some serious abuse (seems very durable and well made and it shouldn’t rip easily). The bag also comes equipped with a nice fiber filler material that feels very good to hit with punches and kicks.

The Training Bag is 50 inches long and has a 16 inch diameter. This makes it about 30% bigger than some other UFC bags that you can find online. We really like the increased size and it lets your practice a variety of MMA strikes and techniques. The bag definitely seems well built and it’s received very good reviews from other people. Overall we recommend it to people who are looking for a good quality traditional hanging heavy bag.

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Wrap Up

In general, we think the three UFC heavy bags reviewed here are good quality MMA training bags (although the Training Station isn’t suitable for everyone as we noted in the review). Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages and we encourage you to check out the other reviews on this site so that you can compare similar bags from major competitors like Century and Everlast. If you are looking for a good freestanding bag you could read our Wavemaster XXL review to get all the details. Also check out our homepage for reviews of other top punching bags.