Best Free Standing Punching Bags of 2018

Whether you’re training for your next big competition or just wanting to get into shape, getting the best punching bag is critical. There are many great bags on the market, however, this site is focused on providing reviews of the best free standing punching bags. While traditional hanging bags are great for the gym, we prefer using a free standing heavy bag for home use.

There are a lot of good freestanding punching bags on the market and below we review several of the top bags that we think you should definitely consider.

Everlast OmniFlex
130 Pounds
Rating: ****
Cost: $$
Century Wavemaster XXL
270 Pounds
Rating: *****
Cost: $$$$
Century Versys
110 Pounds
Rating: *****
Cost: $$$$
Century BOB
270 Pounds
Rating: *****
Cost: $$$$

Wavemaster XXL

free standing punching bagThe Wavemaster XXL is one of the top selling bags available, and it’s for good reason. We really like the XXL and highly recommend it as it has many great featuresthat makes it a great choice. The bag is designed to be incredibly sturdy with a solid base, that does a good job of keeping the bag in place. This lets you strike the bag with powerful punches and kicks and not worry about it holding up or moving around too much.

At the same time, the last thing you want to be worrying about when striking the bag with a powerful leg kick is whether it’s going to hurt your shins. Fortunately the XXL comes with a very good high-density foam layer that is designed to absorb significant strikes. The foam is pretty forgiving, so we had no problems kicking it or punching.

The surface of the XXL is made from vinyl, which has a nice feel to it when hitting it. The cover seems well-made and should last for a long time, which is something you should absolutely consider when buying a new bag. In terms of specs, the bag comes in at 270 pounds (when the base is filled with water or sand), stands 69 inches tall, and has a diameter of 18 inches. The size of the XXL means that is has a very large total striking surface. This makes the bag great for practicing everything from uppercuts to low kicks (just make sure to avoid hitting the base!).

The XXL gets great reviews consistently and we think it’s probably the best and most versatile free standing heavy bag on the market today. At $235 currently on the XXL isn’t super cheap, but it is very reasonably priced when compared to the other top bags. If you are looking for a premium free standing punching bag that is built to last then you should definitely check out the full Wavemaster XXL review.

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Century BOB

free standing heavy bagOne of the most interesting and unique bags available is the Century BOB. Unlike other normal looking circular freestanding punching bags, the Century BOB is shaped like a human torso and upper body. The bag has a relatively realistic looking mid-section, chest, neck and head.

Unlike other bags, you can use the Bob to carefully target specific areas. Want to practice head strikes? Just target the head with your punches (or kicks) and you will be able to strike the head just as if you were actually sparring with a partner. Want to practice immobilizing an opponent with a liver kick? Again, the BOB bag is great for that as you can develop pinpoint accuracy with this bag.

Of course, because of it’s unique shape the bag is not as versatile as some other options. So you should probably only get the BOB if you have specific training needs for it. If you are just casually practicing martial arts or are using the free standing heavy bag mainly for cardio workouts, then there are better bags to get. But if you are a serious fighter and want the realistic experience of practicing with opponent, then the BOB is the next best thing.

The BOB is made with high-density foam and has a durable plastisol layer. This makes the bag forgiving and able to handle hard punches and kicks. It’s also comfortable to strike, although we definitely recommend you wear gloves when using the bag or you may cut up your knuckles (we recommend using gloves for all bags).

In terms of the specs, there are 7 different height levels, which range from 60-78 inches high. Again, this helps to make the bag great for realistic training as it’s designed to be human height. The base can easily be filled in just a few minutes with either water or sand. Like the XXL, the BOB bag’s base is designed to keep the bag upright even when hit with powerful blows. We really like the BOB and think it’s a great choice. It also gets consistently good reviews from users, so it comes very highly recommended. Take a look at our full Century BOB review for more details.

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Everlast Omniflex

Another very popular stand up punching bag is the Everlast Omniflex. Unlike other bags that are designed to be stable after striking it, the Omniflex is actually designed to move back and forth. The bag sits on a long neck that will move when struck. The harder you hit it the faster the bag will move first away and then it will spring back toward you. This makes it a great choice for practicing your speed, timing and accuracy.

Th unique design makes the bag very versatile and it’s great for handling everything from punches, kicks and knees. The base is pretty low, so unlike some other bags it shouldn’t get in the way when practicing low kicks. We also found the base to be very durable and sturdy when striking the bag, so while the neck moves, the base itself generally stays in place.

The Omniflex is made with a very good shock foam material that absorbs powerful blows. Of course, like we always recommend you should still use gloves even though the foam is very good. The bag’s layer features Everlast’s custom Nevatear design and is made out of premium feeling leather with double stitching. The layer is designed to keep the cover from ripping and in general we found it to be very high-quality and it should last a long time. In terms of specs, the bag weighs in at about 130 pounds (when the base is filled) and stands at about 67 inches at it’s highest settings.

The Omniflex is very versatile, however, it does have a couple limitations. The actual bag is smaller than other free standing punching bags. This is of course done on purpose so that the neck can easily swing back and forth. However, this does provide a smaller striking surface than other options. While we don’t think this is a bag deal, you will need to adjust the height settings if you want to practice striking at different levels. Also, the bag does swing back and forth the harder you hit it. Some users may not want to deal with a bag that springs back towards you. Overall we think this is an excellent choice for both fighters and general martial arts practitioners if you want a high quality training bag.

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Century Versys Fight Simulator VS1

century versysThe Century Versys is a new line of heavy bags that were developed and released last year. Unlike Century’s other free standing punching bags, the Versys is designed with ultimate versatility in MMA training. Because of it’s unique design, the bag is great for both stand up training and also ground and pound action. This makes it a good choice if you want a back you can punch and kick and then also use as a grappling dummy.

Unlike other free standing heavy bags with big bases, the VS1 features a low profile base that rises just a few inches off the ground. Given the small the base, the Century Versys has a very large striking surface when compared to traditional hanging bags and even other stand up punching bags. This means the bag is great for practicing all sorts of striking, from low kicks to uppercut punches. There are two handles on the top of the bag that can be used for a variety of martial arts training purposes are especially good to grab when you want practice knee strikes. There are also two handles on the bottom which, we didn’t find much purpose for, but you can use them to do crunches and sit ups.

The Versys weighs 110 pounds, which is a lot less than other bags. This means the bag tends to move around much more than other bags when hit. We didn’t mind this as we primarily used this bag either for cardio and endurance training and found it great for that. However, we wouldn’t really recommend it to fighters or serious MMA enthusiasts who are looking to develop power as the bag could potential knock over or swing back awkwardly if hit with a power shot. If you want to work on your power then there are better bags like the XXL that you should probably consider.

As we mentioned, the bag is of course lighter than other bags because it can be used as a grappling dummy. The lower weight makes it easy to toss the bag on the floor to practice your ground striking. We enjoyed the versatility of practicing kicks and punches and then throwing the bag on the floor and hitting it with some elbows. The base comes pre-filled, which is great as you don’t need to worry about filling it with water and sand like you do with other bags. This may not seem like a big deal, but we were very happy to take it out of the box and get started training right away. The bag is also very easy to move around and store it when you’re down with training.

Overall we really like the VS1 and think it is a great stand up punching bag that provides aversatile training experience. However, because of it’s unique shape, size and weight it may not be suitable if you are looking for more of a traditional punching bag experience. You can see ourfull Century Versys review for more details.

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Century Wavemaster

punching bag

If you like the Wavemaster XXL, but are looking for something a little smaller, or a little cheaper then the Original Wavemaster is an excellent choice. This bag is similar in design to the XXL, but features are smaller sized bag, which provides less striking surface. However, for many people this bag is perfectly fine for boxing, MMA or other martial arts training needs.

In terms of specs, the bag weighs approximately 250 pounds when the base is filled and adjusts from 47 inches to 68 inches tall. This range provides plenty of different levels to practice your striking. However, the actual bag itself is only 27 inches long, so you will need to adjust the height more frequently if you want to practice at a lot of different levels during one training session. Unlike the XXL, which has a bigger foam layer, the Original has a diameter of just 13 inches. This wasn’t a big deal for us as the bag is made with a durable foam layer and stood up well to our punches and kicks. However, the smaller padding does mean you need to be mindful when hitting it with power shots.

The Original like the XXL free standing punching bag has a nice vinyl covering (comes in three color choices – red, black and blue), which is well made and should stand up to repeated blows without developing rips or holes. You can fill the base with either water or sand. We personally prefer using water as it’s easier to fill and empty if you ever need to transport the bag. The bag can also be rolled on it’s base, so it’s pretty easy to move out of the way. This makes it great for putting into the center of a room during a training session and then put it on the side (or in a closet).

Overall we like the Original Wavemaster and think Century makes great products (read our full Wavemaster Punching Bag reviews for more info). Of course we think the XXL is a better bag, but it is also significantly more expensive. So if you are on a tight budget and need a decent martial arts training bag then we think it’s a very good choice.

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