The Top Everlast Punching Bags

Whether you’re new to martial arts or an experienced veteran you have undoubtedly heard ofEverlast and know that they are one of the biggest martial arts accessory manufacturers in the world. Everlast is well known for making high-quality and reliable products and you should definitely read the reviews below to see how these bags stack up to the competition. Unlike Century, which is known for it’s free standing punching bags, Everlast is better known for their traditional hanging bags.

Everlast Omnistrike Heavy Bag

Bottom Line: The Omnistrike is one of our favorite hanging heavy bags and it’s great for practicing low strikes and clinch strikes (with the handles) due to it’s extra padding on the bottom.

Everlast heavy bagOne of the most popular heavy bags is the Everlast Omnistrike. This bag is a traditional hanging bag, but what makes it unique is that it comes equipped with C3 foam padding that goes on the bottom of the bag. This extra padding makes the bag excellent for practicing lower level strikes as it absorbs powerful blows very well. The bag can also be placed on the ground and used for ground and pound training, which is another benefit the C3 foam padding.

The bag also has handles on each side that you can grab onto and simulate being in the clinch. This allows you to practice things like knee strikes and other clinch striking. We think that the bag is very well made, which is true for most Everlast punching bags we’ve used. The bag comes with a very durable synthetic leather coverthat should keep the bag intact for a long time even after significant abuse. The bag also comes with straps that attach to a chain which can be used to hang the bag from a ceiling or a heavy bag stand.

We like that the Omnistrike is 80 pounds as it is an ideal weight and a good compromise forproviding stability without being too heavy. The 80 pound bag sits at a nice weight point between lighter 70 pound bags and heavier 100 pound bags. 70 pounds is usually too light for experienced martial artists or people with powerful punches and kicks, while a 100 pound bag is often a little too heavy for those who are less experienced or don’t have that powerful strikes.

Overall we think this Everlast punching bag is a very good choice if you need a versatile bag to practice all kinds of striking. We like that it comes with C3 foam padding on the bottom as this unique features lets you practice different kinds of striking. However, the padding may not suit everyone’s training, so make sure to read reviews before buying it.

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Everlast MMA Polycanvas Heavy Bag

Bottom Line: This is a good quality entry level punching bag that is well-made, durable, and should last a long time.

everlast punching bagThe Everlast MMA Polycanvas bag stands out with it’s bright red color that is a welcome change from the traditional black covers most heavy bags have (don’t worry there is also a black cover if you don’t like the red version). The bags weighs 70 pounds, which is pretty typical for an entry level punching bag. The bag should be heavy enough for people with average power, but if you have significant power you may want to consider a heavier bag as this one might move too much when hit with either powerful punches and/or kicks.

The bag comes filled with Everlast’s custom filler material of both synthetic and natural fibers. The filler material is designed to provide just the right level of shock absorbency, without being too hard or too soft. We found the bag’s filler to be tough, but still forgiving when hitting it. As the bag’s name suggests, the red cover material is made from polycanvas. We’ve found that Everlast does an excellent job designing their covers and you should be able to give it a serious beating without worrying about the polycanvas cover ripping.

The bag has very sturdy nylon straps that attach to a chain that you use to hang the bag. The chain itself is adjustable, which makes it easier to set up the bag at specific heights. This is good for training as you can practice targeting the bag with punches, kicks, knees, elbows and other strikes at different height levels.

Overall we think this Everlast punching bag is a very good quality bag at a great price point (under $80). If you are getting into martial arts and need a good bag to start training with then we recommend you check it out. The red color also provides extra value in our opinion as it stands out compared to more traditional looking bags. You can read some user reviews by clicking the link below.

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Everlast Heavy Bag Kit

Bottom Line: If you are new to martial arts this heavy bag kit includes most of the things you need to get started training with a punching bag.

The Everlast heavy bag kit is a good option for beginners just getting into martial arts. The kit includes a heavy bag, gloves, wraps and even a bungee cord. We don’t think any of the products in the kit are at a premium level, but they are all decent and at it’s price point at just over $100 makes the kit a very good option to consider.

The heavy bag weighs in at 70 pounds, which as we’ve already discussed is on the lighter side for heavy bags. Still it is a good choice if you are relatively new to martial arts or don’t have significantly powerful striking. The bag is made with a blend of synthetic and natural fibers as well as sifted sand. This filling provides a good amount of resistance when hit, but it isn’t too hard either. The bag has straps that connect to an adjustable height chain. This makes the bag good for using it at different heights so you can practice striking at various levels. The kit also includes a bungee cord that can be used to add more resistance to the bag.

As we mentioned the kit comes with gloves and hand wraps. These aren’t necessarily Everlast’s premium MMA level gloves, but they should be just fine for beginners who don’t want to spend extra money on a separate pair (you can always upgrade later if needed). The gloves are made from synthetic leather and come with a wrist strap that provides support. It can be pretty easy to hurt your hands if you don’t use hand protection, so we always recommend you wear gloveswhen hitting a punching bag.

Overall we think this Everlast punching bag kit is a good choice if you are on a budget and want to get everything you need to start practicing with a punching bag. There are better bags on the market, but it’s hard to beat this price point for everything it includes. You can also read our other reviews (like the UFC bag reviews) if you want to see some good comparisons.

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