Welcome to MMAChampsHQ.com! My name is Mike and I’m the founder of MMAChampsHQ.com. I have been involved in MMA for years and I’ve used just about every punching bag available.

Any time someone new starts training at my gym they always want to know which bag they should get to practice at home. Since I’ve used so many bags I naturally have a lot of opinions about which are the best to use. Instead of just repeating myself over and over again I decided to put together this site and provide detailed reviews of all the top punching bags.

My favorite bags for home use are generally free standing punching bags. This is because they are easy to set up, easily stored out of the way when not in use, and generally provide a very good training experience. However, I also use traditional (hanging) heavy bags, so I may decide to review some those as well. I plan to make this an authority site on punching bags, so if you want a specific bag reviewed and you don’t see it on here just send me a message. Have fun training!